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Equity Edition - The Art of Chain: A Guide to Steel Restraint

Equity Edition - The Art of Chain: A Guide to Steel Restraint

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Bondage—you’ve seen it on streams and in movies, but not like this! Fifty Shades may have shown you rope, but steel chain gives you more control and power over your partner as a Top. As a Bottom, you can achieve that helpless and submissive space you’ve been seeking. Immobilizing a body with leather cuffs, shackles, and chain can establish the kind of dominance you’re looking for in the BDSM lifestyle. Whether you want to be exposed for sex, or impress others in the dungeon, this how-to guide will teach you the basics of chain bondage techniques for any body type or gender whether you are straight, gay, queer, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, transgender, intersex, asexual, or nonbinary. 

The Art of Chain: A Guide to Steel Restraint features the fundamentals of chain bondage and practical step-by-step instructions with over 200 detailed pictures to show how to accomplish bondage goals, and features sexy ideas for the bedroom without having to tie any knots. With heavy metal bondage you can add temperature play to make things hot or cold until you have your partner begging.

Challenge your definitions of traditional bondage. If chains and whips excite you, then this book is for you!

What are equity editions?

Equity editions are books that can be purchased for the base price + $10.00 to cover the cost of shipping to a location. These books are reserved for anyone that cannot afford a copy, or would not otherwise be able to have their own copy. When you buy an equity edition, you do not receive a shipped product. The equity editions go into a pool reserved for those individuals.

Isn't this just a gift/isn't this the same as a gift?

Not exactly! When you buy an equity edition, you're donating a book to anyone. You don't get to choose the recipient.

Is this a charitable donation?

Consult a professional. We are not sure as of this time, so please do not make an assumption.

Am I just giving you free money?

Definitely not! As a part of the 200 we received, we are making sure to be as accommodating as possible, even for those who would not be able to get a book on their own.

Will there always be equity editions available?

We are not fully certain at this time. If in the future you want to purchase an equity edition for the pool of books, consider buying from IPG first, then Amazon second, and we can probably work out a way for the books to be delivered into the pool of equity editions.

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